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When Noor Muhammed had the idea of setting up a home accessories showroom in Kochi, he wanted it to be like no other shop that was currently in the market. Before setting up For Home, he made a careful study of existing and new showroom models and the ways in which retail spaces could be improved were studied. Muhammed realised that typically, after salespersons unboxed and showed three or four options to the customer at the counter, they would lose their patience, and the customer would also lose interest in seeing more options.

He also saw some showrooms in other states and abroad, where there were no counters at all, and the display is all around the showroom so that there is ample space for comfortable browsing. He wanted to offer customers in Kerala an international shopping atmosphere and customer convenience and out of his vision, For Home was born.

Shopping from For Home is a unique experience, unlike no other.

With the latest national and international brands on display for the discerning customer, For Home is a one-of-a-kind showroom that offers a new retail strategy, with a layout that encourages the customer to walk around and view the different products and models on display before they make their buying decisions.

Indian customers would like to see a variety of products while shopping, and For Home showcases products that are handpicked with an eye for quality. Brands such as Faber, Franke, Hettich, Sleek and Godrej are on display, with customer support and company guidelines for installation and maintenance. Luxury brands in wallpaper, bathroom accessories, handles and locks, mirrors and a wide variety of other fine fixtures and fittings for your dream home are also on display. Looking for hardware options? You will be spoiled for choice with the variety of general hardware, kitchen hardware, door fittings, architectural hardware and wardrobe accessories in store.

We invite you to be a part of our showroom experience and choose the finest products for your home!

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