Kitchen Appliances

  • Kitchen sinks and taps
  • Kitchen chimney
  • Built in hobes
  • Cook Tops
  • Built in ovens
  • Cooking Ranges
  • Built in refrigerators
  • dishwasher

Kitchen sinks and taps

Choosing a kitchen sinks and taps can be a difficult task. Stainless steel or porcelain? Single bowl or double? Our kitchen sinks and taps collection come in many combinations to suit your kitchen style and the way in which you use it everyday. Our range of kitchen accessories will also help when washing dishes and maximizes your food preparation space.

Kitchen chimney

We are instrumental in offering Designer Chimneys & Gas Stoves so as to keep the kitchen free from oily smoke, cooking smells and odors. In order to cater to the variegated needs of the clients, we are offering these chimneys & stoves in standard forms. Due to their numerous benefits, these chimneys create a healthy & hygienic cooking atmosphere.


Built-in hobs are ultra stylish and voguish appliances that make our kitchen look amazing, it helps in making our work super efficient. One can’t think of food or even a kitchen without a gas stove. So why not get a Gas stove that revamps the look of your kitchen and is equally efficient in preparing the food? Built-in hobs are modern day supplements to these simple looking gas stoves. The Kitchen hobs utilize every space and it also enhances the interiors of the kitchen.


Electric stove tops heat up fast and perform well at low temps and at a simmer. ... Induction stove tops feature a fast-heating energy-efficient range top which uses electricity and magnetic coils to quickly bring heat directly to the pan, leaving the remaining surface cool to the touch. We offer exclusive collection of cook tops.


While climbing on the success ladder, it has become increasingly important for us to trade and supply an exclusive assortment of Built in Oven. Our built in ovens are low on energy consumption and easy to maintain. We provide best range of built in ovens.


Bring home a cooking range from forhome, one of the best names for branded home appliances, and experience multipurpose functionality with its grill, oven, cooktop combination in one appliance.